What do our students think?



"I felt so shy when I joined my first class. I didn't know how to position my body, and my arms and abs were weak but I had such fun that I was hooked straight away! Becca and the other girls were so encouraging and positive and there is such a good atmosphere. I combine group classes and private tuition weekly and now, 3 years on, I can't imagine life without pole classes! Before starting I suffered with lower back pain, Becca's pole training has built my core strength and improved flexibility which, I believe, has lead to being pain free."


"I started pole classes with Becca in June 2018 and was so nervous to go alone, I needn't have worried as Becca is lovely and the class is full of like-minded and genuine girls. I have seen my strength and flexibility drastically increase in a short space of time, and I can now do tricks I never thought I would be able to do! Classes are mixed ability and everyone cheers each other on when you nail a new move. It is such a friendly place to be and Becca is the best teacher ever"



"I first joined Pole Active with my mum, both with no experience and wanting to improve our core and upper body strength. I had previously tried the gym but pole has made the biggest impact on my fitness. Each week I see a personal improvement both on and off the pole. I never enjoyed Mondays until I joined the group classes and now I love them! We attend private sessions once a month to work on targeted areas, I never thought mum and I would bond over dancing around a pole!"


"I've never been a fan of the gym, so I began pole fitness as a fun alternative. Having tried a few pole studios I settled at Pole Active as everyone is so supportive and friendly. Becca is the most incredible, supportive and inspiring teacher, she knows everyone's strengths and weaknesses and is with you every step of your fitness journey."

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"I started pole a few years ago and attended some other studios first so I am glad I found Pole Active! All body shapes are embraced, the classes are a safe space which truly make me feel much more confident in myself. 

Since starting pole I have lost weight, become stronger and have noticed a huge improvement in my posture. 

I would recommend Pole Active, as you will be amazed what your body is capable of!"


"I never thought I would be the girl to swing round the pole, do a handstand or attempt the splits, but now I am! 

Becca coaches you to your full potential, never limiting you and pushing you to reach your own personal goals. 

My pole journey has given me confidence, self esteem and I have found some life long friends. Pole has become my obsession and my passion and has become the highlight of my week."



"I have always felt that I have been the least bendy, athletic person and never thought I would be able to hold my weight, let alone spin round the pole gracefully or go upside down! 

Becca is an amazing instructor and supports you the whole way. 

I love Pole Active classes and would recommend them to anyone, no matter how rubbish you think you are because that will change!"


"Pole Active are great, the classes helped me lose weight and gain more strength. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. I really feel that I have not only gained a hobby, but also a friend."