Build your confidence, target certain areas and gain more from your pole session



Private classes are great for so many different situations. We welcome those of you who would like to learn the basics before joining a group class, those who prefer a more 1:1 tailored session or for those who would like to polish up on a trick or two they have learnt in class. 

Private classes start with some conditioning exercises designed to build strength and prepare you for more challenging pole moves as well as build stamina, then we can put a plan together that we can use to work together to achieve your pole goals, whether these are choreography, flexibility, strength/fitness or maybe you'd like to try your hand at exotic dance!


Pay as you go classes

One Person: £28

Two People: £35 (£17.50 per person)

Three People: £40 (£13.35 per person)

Four People: £45 (£11.25 per person) 

3 Class Blocks (to be used within 3 consecutive weeks)

​One Person: £75 

Two People: £90 (£45 per person) ​

​Cancellation Policy 

Less than 24hrs notice - 50% of the class cost

Missed Class (less than 3hrs notice) - 100% of class cost

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Pole silks are a combination of pole fitness and aerial silks.

Fly around the pole in a new way! Perfect for those with no experience or experienced pole goers looking for a class to compliment their classes.

Pole Silks:

One person: £30

Two people: £35

Three people: £40

Four people: £45

Cancellation Policy 

Less than 24hrs notice - 50% of the class cost

Missed Class (less than 3hrs notice) - 100% of class cost



Welcoming beginners through to experienced students. 

Classes are held on:

Monday: Datime & Evening 

Tuesday: Morning & Evening 

Wednesday: Evening 

Thursday: Morning & Evening 

Friday: Morning & Evening 

Saturday & Sunday: Morning


 Week commencing 4th October (last updated Sunday 3rd October)

Monday 4th: 10:30am / 11:30am / 5:30pm

Tuesday 5th: 9am 

Wednesday 6th: 8pm

Thursday 7th: 9am / 11am / 5:30pm

Friday 8th: Friday 9am / 10am / 6:30pm

Saturday 9th: 10am

Sunday 10th: 11am

Please call or email the days and times that work for you and we can check the diary and come back to you with some availability that fits your suggestions.

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